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Best Company Loans: Compare Rates & Get the Ideal Financing

Instant Approval Small Business loans

When it comes to funding your business,your new store location or your new idea, you cannot afford to settle for mind-numbingly slow and bureaucratic solutions that will drown you in paperwork and take weeks to get you approved.

Here, at Fast Business Funds, we take the hassle out of your new business loan and enable you to thrive without wasting your time.

How?By guaranteeing same-day approval and same or next day funding.No fuss. No waiting. No problem.

And That’s Not All…

Our mission is to become your trusted ally and partner so you can scale up, develop your business idea, and reach your goals faster. That’s exactly why we always offer you:

The Lowest Interest Rates In The Industry

Broad Product Selection That Will Match Your Needs

Ultra-Fast Approval, Funding & Impeccable Service

Can You Afford To Waste More Time With Paperwork?

Call Us Today, Tell Us Your Plan, And See The Funds In Your Bank Account Tomorrow.

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Our Term Loans are for Real Businesses

$10k to $10 Million, We Fund Businesses Just Like Yours

It’s easy to get approved withFast Business funds. Our terms loans and merchant cash advances are cash flow based loans with low minimum credit score requirements and no previous business credit necessary. With loan amounts from $10k – $10 million almost anyone can get approved for working capital loans as long as you have good annual business revenue and a personal guarantee you’ll pay it back. That’s why term loans are some of the best company loans.

These are easy short term loans, that don’t require a great personal credit score, have easy repayment terms, low loan costs and no lien on your personal assets. In most case sit’ssame day funding& they wire a lump sum directly into your business bank account. Any interest you pay is 100% tax deductible too, that’s what makes these small business loans work.

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Small business term loans are a type of working capital loan for small businesses in need of working capital. These short term loans typically have a faster repayment schedule than bank loans. Term loans such as merchant cash advances, can help provide a more stable, scalable, renewable source offunding for business owners. When considering a business term loan, it is important to keep in mind minimum credit score requirements and compare interest rates from different online lenders. The loan amount and origination fees may also vary based on the lender, so it is important to compare loan options carefully. In addition, some lenders may require a personal guarantee and the use of a business bank account to verify monthly revenue. To find the best small business term loan, it is important to evaluate factors such as interest rates,loan amounts, origination fees, and repayment terms to determine the right fit for your small business. A term loan is an excellent source for immediate working capital to cover unpaid invoices, payroll, or any other day to day expenses. With this type of business loan, small business owners will typically receive their funds in a lump some that is wired directly into the company bank account.

A merchant cash advance is a type of short term loan, usually offered by an online lender, to small business owners. The loan amounts are based on a percentage of the business’s annual revenue and are typically provided as a lump sum. The requirements for obtaining a merchant cash advance are usually less stringent than traditional working capital loans and do not necessarily require a minimum business credit score. However, a business owner’s personal credit score may still be taken into consideration when determining loan eligibility. Merchant cash advances are one of several loan types used by small businesses to access working capital, but unlike term loans, they are not paid back with fixed payments over a set period of time. Instead, repayments are made through a portion of the business’s daily credit card sales until the loan is paid off.

Apply in Minutes for a Business Line of Credit Up to $250k

Flexible financing options for business owners

One of the most commonsmall business financing optionsis a line of credit. Fast Business Funds offers business owners a line of credit up to $250k, with low “market” interest rates, monthly payments, and with only a 650 credit score required for approval. Business lines are popular loan types for cash flow, but they aren’t always easy to qualify for with a bank or a credit union. Small business loan companies like us have more flexible business financing options than banks or credit unions. Additionally, almost anyone can get approved for our second tier line of credit deigned for business owners with good or bad credit scores as low as 550 and decent annual revenue.

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A line of credit is one of the best business loans out there for working capital. Business owners can use the loan funds however they please, then pay down the balance on the line of credit & use it again. You can draw off the business line directly into your business checking account. Of course you only pay interest on what you use. These are usually approved in a couple of hours and offer same day funding.

Equipment Financing for Small Business Owners

Get the Equipment You Need to Increase Cash Flow

Equipment financing is another one of our loan options. Sometimes small business owners just need new or additional equipment to increase cash flow. That’s where equipment loans can come in handy. They differ from a term loan, invoice financing, personal loans, accounts receivable financing, merchant cash advance and lines of credit in that they use the actual equipment you are buying as the collateral for the loan. As long as the business owner has good annual revenue we can get almost anyone approved.

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We have equipment financing with the lowest “market” interest rates, repayment terms from 2- 7 years and low down payments. As an online lender, Fast business funds once again beats the banks or credit unions, because we also offer a second tier equipment financing program designed for challenged orbad credit scoreas low as in the 500’s. For any business owners that just needs equipment, not working capital, this may be the best small business loan option for you.

We Also Offer SBA Loans

A Business Owner will Need a Minimum Credit Score of 650 - 675 for These Programs

If You Don’t Mind Waiting 45 -60 Days, SBA Loans Can be a Great Option for Your Small Business Loan

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers various loan programs to assist small business owners with financing their operations. These SBA loans are government-backed and are designed to provide access to capital for business owners who may not be eligible for traditional business loans. The different SBA loan programs include working capital loans, business acquisition loans, commercial real estate loans, and other types of financing.

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The requirements for obtaining an SBA loan can vary but typically include a minimum credit score and an evaluation of a business owner’s personal credit score. The amount of the loan and the interest rates can be influenced by factors such as the annual revenue of the business and its credit history. In comparison to short-term business loans and other loan types offered by online lenders, SBA loans typically offer longer terms, lower interest rates, and more flexible repayment options. However, the application process for SBA loans can be more complex and time-consuming than for other forms of business financing.

Small business loans work similarly to personal loans & are a common financing option for small business owners looking to access working capital to cover daily expenses. These loans come in various forms, such as term loans, merchant cash advance, an SBA loan, and equipment financing. There are also other more niche programs such as the recent government sponsored paycheck protection program loans, business acquisition loans, commercial real estate loans, invoice financing or invoice factoring, When choosing the best small business loans, it is important to consider factors such as the small business owners personal credit score, annual revenue, and loan amounts. Some small businesses may also benefit from funding options such as invoice factoring or equipment financing. Online lenders can offerflexible loan optionsand quick approval processes, with some even offering same day funding wired straight to your company bank account. To find the best small business loans, it is important to compare loan programs from multiple lenders and consider factors such as interest rates, loan amounts, annual revenue and repayment terms. With the right small business loan, small businesses can access the funding they need to grow and succeed.

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As a smallbusiness owner, you know that access to working capital is essential for keeping your business up and running. But where can you go to get the best small business loans? Look no further than here! We offer small businesses a variety of financing options to meet the needs of any business, including term loans, equipment financing, business lines of credit, and merchant cash advance loans. And our loan approval process is quick and easy, you can get the money you need fast. So don’t wait any longer – apply for a small business loan today!

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